SyncVision i01OTO DIGITAL

SyncVision i01OTO DIGITAL



Product Description

Innovative Digital Video Otoscope


Makes treatment smart and simple
It increases efficiency of each treatment process.
It offers immediate communication between
the ENT Doctors and patient.

User-friendly operation
There are two grasp methods to operate device. High quality images can be instantly captured and stored in the device by a single click on the freeze button. click the left & right button to review with your patients.

High resolution
Through high brightness LCD, high resolution sensor and optical technology, we obtain the best picture quality.
Brightness Adjustment
This feature prevents blurriness problems by providing brightness adjustment to adapt to different inspection conditions.
Portable Micro SD card
Portable Micro SD card with 2GB memory capacity allows users to save over 10,000 images, which can be transferred via USB cable to the computer.
Built-in battery
Built-in battery can operate with 2 hours runtime. Battery status and level are displayed on the LCD screen.
Video out display
A video outlet enables synchronized display of the image on an external monitor, improving the communication between the dentist and patient.