Suction Machine Portable Viva Medtronics China

Suction Machine Portable Viva Medtronics China

BRAND: China

CODE: Viva Medtronics


This unit boasts of new mechanism with compact design where the suction bottle is partly inside. The new design ensures low working noise and makes it look attractive. The unit is designed to prevent pus and mucus from leaking into the machine. The easy care phlegm suction machine is compact light weight and easy to carry making it suitable to be used in case of emergency. The suction machine boasts of an oil free lubrication piston pump. The cabinet is anti corrosive and shock proof. The entire unit is made up of ABS plastic. Equipped with a handle on the top of the machine makes this unit easy to carry. It also has a fan at the back of the machine to help the unit remain cool.

Features & Specifications :

  • Compact, lightweight,
  • easy to carry especially suitable for emergency and outside use
  • Reservoir volume : 1000ml 
  • Voltage : AC220 / 50Hz