Innova Full Face CPAP MASK

Innova Full Face CPAP MASK




The Innova Full Face Mask with Headgear distributed by Devilbiss brings AIRgel cushion technology to the full face format. Features include an active headgear connection and a frame which leaves an open line of sight.

Product Features

The Innova Full Face Mask features components that aim to provide the best seal possible at initial fit and during sleep. This is a full face mask which covers both the nose and mouth.


  • AIRgel Cushion
  • Slim Forehead Piece
  • Active Headgear Connection
  • Oxygen Port
  • Latex Free

AIRgel Cushion

The Innova Full Face Mask feautes a blue AIRgel cushion which is permanently attached to the mask frame. The gel cushion contours to the face for a better seal.

Slim Forehead Piece

The Innova Full Face has a slim connection at the forehead to attach the headgear. While in use, the only parts of the mask in contact with the face are the cushion and headgear. The minimal size of the forehead piece leaves line of sight clear for bedtime reading.

Active Headgear Connection

The lower headgear connector on the Innova Full Face is a pivoting piece to allow for easier movement during sleep. If sleeping positions change, the mask frame is more likely to stay in place while the headgear can move to better adapt.

  • The Innova Full Face mask is the latest addition to the Innova product line. Similar to the Innova nasal, it features patented AIRºgel™ with Advanced Cushion Technology and Active Headgear Connector™. The permanent cushion allows for a very lightweight and simple to use full face mask.
  • The Innova Full Face Mask also incorporates the unique Touchless Spacebar™, which eliminates any contact with the patient’s forehead and makes it even more comfortable to use.